Origin Of The Divide

by Ancients

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released September 9, 2016



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Ancients Nashville, Tennessee

A band from Nashville, TN. Formed in 2010. Music focused on a heavy rhythmic presence and thought provoking lyrical content. The band has toured and shared the stage with acts like Whitechapel, Emmure, Darkest Hour, Born Of Osiris, Hatebreed, Stray From The Path, Veil Of Maya, After The Burial, Atilla etc, The new EP 'Origin Of The Divide' will be available September 9th, 2016. ... more

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Track Name: Guided By Wisdom
Guided By Wisdom

buried by misinformation
the path is lost
as we wonder the earth
without recollection
the beginning is a place of the unknown
as the pages turn
belittling the wisdom we hold
we rot as our future burns
dislodged from our reason
hold onto
that little feeling
that is instinct
go with the motions
and the oneness
we all should follow
you feel the force of your will
causing you to feel alive
interconnected with creation we derive
from a clairvoyant kind
with absolute understanding
of everything that breathes
dislodged from the past we derive
from the children of Lemuria
12 circles pulling in life
2 were left untouched
the area claimed by the wicked
our evolutionary path forever fucked
to this day
pulled down
by this weight that's on our shoulders
with out
knowledge of the infiltration
we know everything
its all just hidden deep inside
with the truth covered in lies
we cannot continue progress
to find the right words
to fit in society
doubt all currency
and question everything
find all the right questions
then begin to ask yourself
are you apart of a something else
or the end.....
Track Name: Thr33

the numbers equal
a grid and foundation
a web that builds the objects we perceive
our understanding
is really juvenile
but you can pretend it is obsolete
triangular consistency
this is the number of harmony
3 represents the shape of being
mother father child trinity
3 eyes
3 spaces
above middle below
3 points
3 parts
body mind and soul
i just cant begin to understand
why the common person would just push away
all the knowledge they could ever obtain
sobering that its thought of as weakness
geometric patterns interlace with digits
and compose a
vibratonal pull of an atom
to form this place that we call life
then multiply
and divide
both sides of the scale will always fall back
the other direction
this is the equation of perfection
trifecta organism rhythmically locked in position
this is the question of your perception
there is so much to learn
you can seek or remain oblique
the power's in your hands
Track Name: Kleptocracy

ruled by thieves
chained by liars
blind with deceit
controlled by the corrupt system
weakened by the elite
this is something people still don't seem to see
the global empire is a force that will never cease to be
we keep all hope alive just so we don't slip away
accepting truth is dire to continue
with crystal clarity
on your
this regime
don't mean shit to me
disconnect from these rat lines
break free from the system
fight back with stability
in between lines
is where truth lies
creeping out to
prying eyes
prying eyes
try stepping away from the herd for a moment
so you can get a glimpse of this cage
that surrounds most of this humanity
while the rich and powerful enslave
ego is ruler
i know the mind can inherit what it sees
go a littler deeper
that's where you'll find your true self
dangling by a string
we occupy ourselves to distract the fact that we are slaves
work, eat, sleep, repeat
i pray for meteors to fill the sky
i pray for earthquakes to shake the ground
i want to see it all go down
in this universal justice
Track Name: Noetic

Embrace the myriad
intake the experience
all shall be reclaimed
fault lines start to shift
tidal waves swallow land mass
take a look at the surge of ignorance
and do you think it will really last
our chances so far gone
distant and looking gloom
with all this fucking hate
love just has no room here
just fear
we stair at the night sky
with curiosity
we poison the mother
and dig til she bleeds
distorted reality
how did we get to this
overran by greed
on the edge of the precipice
this is a turning point
for our generation of terror and death
be apart of something bigger than yourself
don't play into the illusion of control
don't give up on humanity just yet
there is a glimpse of hope on this miserable dense sphere
don't force the hand of destruction
be another guiding light
don't let our species fade out
become a being of purpose
Track Name: The Great Bloodline
The Great Bloodline

passing through the null
our ancestors would loose
every thought withheld
memory wiped and confused
sunk down into the 3rd dimensional plain
and left with all the secrets coded in their DNA
forced to reconnect
they were left to choose
between intellect or sinking down to 2
3 and half days of complete darkness
left with no defense against static interference
you can see the evidence of foul play
by the unseen, in every way
some benevolent
some by the unclean
stair step evolution
some guide the way
on forward
the experiment effected by the non emotional derelicts
the development caused a reaction of tunnel effect
lost in daze and completely out of it
i cant say if we ever recovered from it
revisiting, we see these things through their eyes
awakening, we are enlightened by rise
of a thought process once forgotten
we are tapping into the hidden ways of the elders
before the great void
reclaim the power
extract forgotten words
pull out the buried purpose
push towards eternal destiny.